Background to the Project

In October 2011, a consortium led by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust and South London and Maudsley NHS Trust,  including providers, commissioners, and academics was appointed by the DH to take forward the development of currencies for CAMHS. They set up a project group, details of which can be found on the PbR Project Team page. The consortium is supported by an Expert Advisory Group made up of stakeholders from around the country, and other government departments.

Prior to this, development work on specific aspects of CAMHS PbR had already been undertaken by various groups, notably in London, the West Midlands and Liverpool. The current project team have been able to build on the lessons learnt from this previous work to shape their thinking.

A major driver in the development of the current work has been the need to ensure consistency with the CYP IAPT programme, which seeks to transform CAMHS delivery. CYP IAPT sites use a standard assessment and routine monitoring of outcomes and the programme has strong ministerial and policy support. Proposals have been made to incorporate the CYP IAPT dataset into the CAMHS minimum dataset, which will be mandated in April 2013. This is supported by the Information Centre and the Children’s Outcomes Forum. The CYP IAPT dataset is in widespread use, with over 50 sites currently involved and the intention being that eventually all services will be collecting this dataset. The aim is to use the assessment processes used in CYP IAPT to allocate children to CAMHS PbR resource groups, thus aligning the two developments.

For a visual representation of the overlap between CYP IAPT, the CAMHS minimum dataset and PbR, please see our CAMHS Minimum dataset overlap diagram.

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