Sources of Support

1. The PbR Central Team

We aim to:

  • Support sites through all stages of the pilot
  • Provide training and on-going support for clinical teams in the completion of PbR assessment tools and information collection for the project.
  • Advise on completion of PbR dataset and validation of data for compliance with CYP IAPT specification
  • Troubleshoot data entry and upload issues
  • Provide timely responses
  • Follow best practice for information security and analysis

2. Each Other

You may find it useful to speak to another service that is taking part in the PbR pilot project. Email addresses are available by contacting us. If you do not want your email address shared for this reason (we will never share for any other reason or share your telephone number), then please let us know.

You can also sign up to CORCtalk, a mailing list used by CORC members but available to all sites taking part in the PbR pilot. This will allow you to send an email directly to all members of the mailing list. Please visit the CORCtalk sign-up page to register.

NEW! Our Problem Solving Hub is a place where you can pose questions to other pilot sites and share ideas around particular issues pilot sites are facing.

3. PbR Events

We held two events in February and March 2013 in London and Leeds, for service and data leads involved in the pilot project. These were opportunities to get together, share ideas, and problem solve around the data collection phse of the project.

Please go to our Event Resources page to find out more about the day.

We hope to hold future events after the first two quarters of data submission. If you’d like to share your ideas on how to get the most out of future events, let us know.

Please see our Events Calendar for more information about upcoming events, and contact us to sign up to any events.

4. Circulation Lists and Focus Groups


If any commissioners would like to join a Commissioners Circulation List in order to share information/debate about CAMHS PbR then please contact Pat Howley ( are hoping to get as much commissioner input into the project as possible and are planning to hold a commissioner’s workshop to have initial discussions about the key issues for developing effective CAMHS PbR from a commissioner’s perspective. All commissioners care about driving up the performance of CAMHS and improving outcomes for children and young people who receive CAMHS, and as the financial picture gets more challenging we will need to ensure the most effective use of CAMHS resources.

This is an opportunity to optimise the effectiveness of CAMHS and ensure that we get the best possible results as we implement CAMHS PbR in the future.

Service Managers

Deirdre Moroney is a Business and Service Improvement Manager for Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), and has just spent a year working as a Service Manager for Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster. She is part of the PbR Project Group, and CNWL are also one of the services taking part in the PbR Pilot Project.

If you would like to get in touch with Deirdre to share your thoughts and experiences of being a service manager in the pilot project, she is keen to hear from you. Where necessary, Deirdre is also happy to raise with the project team any specific issues.

Deirdre is particularly interested in hearing from other service managers about:

  • Any tools or approaches you have developed to help implement the pilot more smoothly
  • Your experiences of the wider benefits of being a part of the pilot
  • Your thoughts on the scope of the pilot, in terms of the suitability of the data collection requirements

You can contact Deirdre by emailing:

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