Pilot Site Data Collection and Training Materials

The Data Collection Guidance Document provides a summary of the information that clinicians need to be collecting for the pilot, including a flowchart that can be printed and used as a quick reference check-list:

Consent forms can be found on the Consent and Data Sharing page.

The Current View tool and completion guide can be accessed below:Current View  010213_Page_01

These resources are for trainers and clinicians who are participating in the PbR pilot project:

  • PbR Training Vignette Book - This contains a summary of the Current View rating instructions and the Matthew vignette without answers and may be used for training sessions. It is advisable to provide a copy of the Current View Completion Guide for clinicians to take away at the end of training.

Outcome measurement forms and forms for collecting demographic, period of contact, event and case closure details can be found in the ‘Practitioner’, ‘Parent’, ‘Child’ and other sub-sections of the measures for download section of the CORC website.

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