Getting Ready for the PbR Pilot

Key Questions:

  1. Is your IT system compliant with the CYP-IAPT data specification and the subset of essential data items required for the PbR pilot project? Please see the dataset requirements page for more important information about this.
  2. Does the system export data in the required format (as per the data specification)?
  3. Has your service signed an Information Sharing Agreement with MegaNexus and been allocated a Service ID and login for the CORCnexus Dropbox?
  4. Have you submitted dummy data to the CORCnexus test system? This is not required if you are using the COMMIT system.

To take part in the PbR project, pilot sites’ IT systems need to be updated or changed to fit the CYP-IAPT data specification to allow the collection of the subset of essential data items (and categories within each data item) required for the PbR pilot.

The way in which you update or change your system is up to services to decide. There are some IT systems that we are aware of that will fit our data requirements, and information about these can be found on our Useful links and Documents page. It may be necessary for your team or service to use one of these patient record systems to collect the information required, if your system cannot be modified to fit the data requirements.

It is highly advisable to submit dummy data to the CORCNexus test system prior the first submission so you can identify if there are any issues. If you are using the COMMIT system you will not need to submit any dummy data. You can find out more on the data submission page.

If you have any questions about data export and compliance with the dataset, please liaise with your IT department in the first instance. You could also speak to your IT system provider, or get in touch with MegaNexus by emailing or by calling (+44) 20 7843 4343. It may help to problem solve by discussing issues with other services (please ask us for any email addresses you may need or sign up to the CORCtalk mailing list). You can also get in touch with us for advice.

Checklists and Planning Forms

  • Many thanks to Deirdre Moroney (CNWL and Project Group member) for sharing the following checklist of items to consider when implementing the PbR pilot. PbR Pilot Implementation checklist
  • ROM Readiness Checklist (kindly provided by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust - how to get your service ready for Routine Outcome Monitoring)
  • Thanks to Susie Hook, Operational Manager for the CAMHS PbR Pilot in West London, for providing the following document, which outlines the essential items for the pilot, as per the briefing note, with space to add notes. This could be used to help you identify those areas of data collection that you may be having difficulty with. PbR dataset- summary of essential data items for PbR (Updated February 2013)
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