Data Submission

Areas of Data Collection: Submission Check-list

For all new cases where there has been one or more contacts, the following areas of data should be part of the data submission:

  1. Demographic Information
  2. Period of Contact Information
  3. Consent for Secondary Uses
  4. Activity Information (including direct and indirect types)
  5. Current View
  6. Assessment/Outcome Measure(s)
  7. Case Closure Information (where applicable)

Steps of Data Submission

Please see the steps and flowchart below for an outline of the process for data submission for PbR.

The following guide to data submission shows how to submit data to the CORCnexus system.

Guide to submitting your data with CORCnexus (2)

  • For dates of data submission please see the Data Submission Calendar.
  • The Data lead will need to upload the Service’s data in the form of a .zip file via a secure encrypted connection to the CORCNexus Drop Box. The .zip file will contain all the Service’s data as Comma Delimited (CSV) files, which are the required format for delivery.
  • All services should have been set up with an ID and login for the CORCnexus Drop Box. Please contact if you don’t have this.
  • For information about exactly how data needs to be submitted, please refer to the File Output Specifcation (Import File Definition V3.0) on the CYP IAPT website.
  • If you have any further questions about the submission process, please email

1. Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) is signed between service and MegaNexus.
2. Service is allocated with a login for CORCnexus Dropbox.
3. Service records required data on their patient database.
4. Service authorises the release of data to CORCnexus Dropbox by uploading files which are securely stored in MegaNexus’ data warehouse OR (5):
5. Service enters data into their IT system and authorises the release of that data to MegaNexus, which securely stores data in MegaNexus’ data warehouse.
6. Data can be submitted by services during the dates specified on the Data Submission Calendar. Data which is not authorised for use will not be included in the submission.
7. Data is subjected to an automated validation process which will identify any inconsistencies within the data.
8. If an inconsistency is highlighted, the service will be required to fix the issue and resubmit their data. Any data that is inconsistent is destroyed.
9. Once data has passed release authorisation by the service and validation by MegaNexus it is processed through a fully automated system which pseudonymises the information and creates a pseudonymised ID.
10. Once the pseudonymised ID has been created all identifiable information about the child or young person is removed.
11. Once the pseudonymised data has been approved it is provided to the core project team for analysis.

Data Submission Calendar

  • Data will be submitted quarterly from sites to MegaNexus. There is also an opportunity to refresh the previous quarter’s data.
  • All sites are expected to be uploading data electronically from April 2013 onwards.
  • From October 2013 onwards, there are 5 business days to submit data (data submission period) and 10 business days to pass validation (data validation period) – 15 business days in total.
  • We strongly encourage services not to leave submission until the final day of the data submission period.
  • Please see the dates for submission below:
Quarter Data collection period Data submission period Data validation period
Q3 2012-13 Oct 2012 – Dec 2012

1-15 Jan 2013

Q4 2012-13 (Q3 refresh) Jan 2013 – Mar 2013

1-15 Apr 2013

Q1 2013-14 (Q4 refresh) Apr 2013 – Jun 2013

1-15 Jul 2013

Q2 2013-14 (Q1 refresh) Jul 2013 – Sep 2013 Tue 1 Oct 2013 – Mon 7 Oct 2013 Tue 8 Oct 2013 – Mon 21 Oct 2013
Q3 2013-14 (Q2 refresh) Oct 2013 – Dec 2013 Thu 2 Jan 2014 – Wed 8 Jan 2014 Thu 9 Jan 2014 – Wed 22 Jan 2014
Q4 2013-14 (Q3 refresh) Jan 2014 – Mar 2014 Tue 1 Apr 2014 – Mon 7 Apr 2014 Tue 8 Apr 2014 – Wed 23 Apr 2014
Q1 2014-15 (opportunity to refresh all data submitted to project) Apr 2014 – Jun 2014 Tue 1 Jul 2014 – Mon 7 Jul 2014 Tue 8 Jul 2014 – Mon 21 Jul 2014
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