December 2014 Engagement Events

Events were held on the 10th and 11th December to share preliminary results from the project and to provide an opportunity for the CAMHS community and other stakeholders to engage in the developing currencies. The 60 participants in Leeds and 80 participants in London included commissioners, clinicians, managers, finance staff and service user representatives, in addition to members of the CAMHS Payment System Project Group.

Please click the links below to download a copy of the presentation slides.

Aims of the events, how did we get to the draft currencies, the draft currency options and group discussions

A new payment system for CAMHS – NHS England

Learning from the data

A document containing responses to the questions frequently asked at the events has also been prepared, and can be accessed from the link below.

FAQs from December 2014 engagement events v6

Please feel free to contact us with any comments on the slides or FAQs.

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