Assessment and Outcome Measures

Within this section you will find relevant measures for practitioners, parents/carers, child, teacher and family. These are sub-divided into sections for use at assessment, on a session-by-session basis and at review.

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We are not mandating what assessment or outcome measures you use for the PbR project, and services can use their preferred assessment and outcome measures. However they must be taken from the CYP IAPT dataset, and we must as a minimum have information from one measure at two time points (i.e. first contact and case closure).

If you wish to use additional measures not included here, please do so, however these will not be required or submitted as part of the PbR project.

Additional measures will be added to the range of CYP IAPT measures in April 2013. This includes (subject to agreement from the authors of the measures):

  • SCORE 15 for family therapy
  • Woolgar et al’s parent efficacy measure for parenting
  • SLDOM for learning disabilities
  • Conner’s questionnaire for ADHD (note: people have to pay for this measure)
  • The Short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale
  • EDE-Q for eating disorders

For more information, please go to the p.29 of the CYP IAPT consultation (November 2012)

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