Interactive Training Modules

These training modules are intended to equip CAMHS clinicians to complete the Current View tool and may  (at the discretion of your manager) be used in place of face-to-face training by the CAMHS PbR team and/or in-house PbR trainers.

This training should be completed by every clinician who will be involved in the PbR pilot and has not received face-to-face training. It may also be used for top-up training at the discretion of team leads.

The modules should be completed in order.

1. Current View training 

This will take you through the rating guidance for the Current View tool.

2. Worked Example 1: Matthew

This is a chance to practice using the Current View and to compare your responses to ours.

3. Test Vignette: Kelsie 

The responses to this vignette will be sent back to the PbR team to allow them to analyse how effective the training has been by looking at how closely your ratings agree with the ratings of the PbR team and of others who have completed this test vignette.

Answers for this vignette will be released on 22nd April 2013 and the Kelsie vignette will be available as a worked example from this date onwards.

Please note: due to requests from services to extend the deadline, the Kelsie vignette will now be available as a test for an extended period to allow more people time to complete it. The new closing date will be 30th May 2013 with answers being released soon afterwards.

Further Information

For downloadable training resources please go to the material for trainers section of the website.

For more information about training or help with planning your training sessions, please contact the PbR team.

We are keen to receive your feedback on these training modules. How useful were they? How could they be improved? Please let us know!

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